The Poet Dogs

Described in the Sunday Express as 'An eccentric four piece capable of mixing electronica, indie rock and Gregorian chant whilst disguised as The Kinks, The Poet Dogs are without doubt an entirely original band.

Sam Jukes, Midlands impresario and owner of the legendary JBs in Dudley described the Poet Dogs as "Shropshire's best kept secret" - a title the band is keen to upgrade.

Their song Ophelia's Postcard (unrequited love song about a nun from Herefordshire) made it on to the BBC1 soap 'Doctors' through the band's technique of attempting a surprise attack from the rear on the music industry.

Their video for Betting Shop Murder (filmed at Ludlow racecourse) was even aired on US television in Cleveland Ohio on the Johnny Woo Show. The band confess to having no idea how he had heard of them.

During the past 8 years of gigging and songwriting they have supported acts such as The Levellers, Athlete, Mansun, The Wonderstuff, the Alarm and Shed Seven in venues such as Birmingham's Carling Academy, London's Borderline and JBs and have never failed to get feet tapping, heads nodding in knowing approval before returning to their cave beneath the Wrekin to write more songs and wash their socks and that.

The Poet Dogs write great songs - rock, folk or pop - and capture the extremes of life, everything from Baroque football tournaments to infidelity on the squash court. It's a world of wonder, colour, fizz and grit where anything is possible. Live, the band are a potent mix of high energy rock and roll, formidable musicianship, catchy melodies and infectious humour.

While confident of their abilities the Poet Dogs are under no illusions ... in a recent interview on French rock station Radio Liberte when asked how big the band were lead singer Gary Nolan dryly replied : "Well, I'm about five foot ten .."

The Poet Dogs are :

  • Gary - Vocals/Guitar
  • Dylan Bass
  • Sean II - Guitar / Synths / Vocals
  • Sean I - Drums/Vocals

email :

  1. Out Of The World
  2. Betting Shop Murder
  3. Via A Vis
  4. Mandrake Mind
  5. Somebody Else
  6. Jigsaws
  7. Artistic Style
  8. The Man Who Lived Forever
  9. Please Don't Put The Phone Down
  10. She's Gone
  11. Costume Drama Band
  12. A Good Day Coming Soon